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Delivering efficient paths to human, social and justice services excellence.

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If you want to;

  • Achieve uncommon success with client and staff outcomes
  • Sync-up ​with stakeholders' funding focus
  • Win more grants and funding
  • Expand your funding streams

If you want to THRIVE, adopt evidence-based and strength-centered professional standards, organizational framework, and processes. The upcoming program in San Diego places you, and your team in a position to learn how you can efficiently create, build upon, and adapt what you already are doing. 


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This year work to strengthen capacity for evidence-based services excellence. Uncommon success can be achieved while creating tremendous opportunities for organizations and its people.

PATHWAYS" can help with access to resources you could use to efficiently become, and remain evidence-based.

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EBP Society is the growing community of evidence-based professionals like you to stay connect. Members are employed in health, human and justice services fields and share a commitment to evidence-based practices, programs and policies. The society is dedicated to enhance capacity and help drive evidence-based careers through;

  • Streamlined training and staff development
  • Access to software and web resources for doing the work, and
  • Professional certifications to strengthen career growth for professionals

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Technologies abound to help organizations and their staff improve working conditions and enhance performance.  Take advantage of enterprise-class software and web based solutions to help your customers achieve their goals and objectives while meeting or even exceeding stakeholder expectations.

We offer "Cloud" hosted solutions which require no installation, and provide 24/7 internet access to users from their desktops or smart devices to help you achieve a high return on your investment.

Institute for Evidence Based Professionals

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