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Institute for Evidence-Based Solutions

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Our Evidence Based Systems

1. Performance Report Card

Assess & Decide

Employees get reviewed. So should programs and agencies. Use organizational reviews to evaluate work you do.

2. Training & Education

Confident Action

Train and build staff capacity for doing the work by instituting sustainable systems via live onsite and virtual settings.

3. Self-Paced eLearning

Efficiency 24/7

Access online resources from where you are and when you want. Instant efficient delivery of knowhow and education.

4. Credentialed Standards

Industry Credentials

Certification shows you received the essential education and sets you apart in the market place.

Are you in any of these specialties?

Unsure Whether To Start from Scratch, or Adapt What You Are Doing

Build a stronger team.
Enhance performance for growth.

The Joyfields Institute also offers a Center for Motivational Interviewing which is essential for performance and growth.

MI is designed to strengthen an individual's motivation to make a positive behavior change. We can help you establish an approach to continually build frontline capacity and sustain those efforts by providing supervisory support and ongoing in-house training.

Learn more about MI Center here.

"In fast changing conditions, those who are not evidence-based will likely struggle, and some may not survive. On the other hand, those that are evidence-based will likely do well, and perhaps even thrive". David Myers, PhD. Professor, University of New Haven, Author "How to Become an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO)".