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Certified Human Services Associate + Mentorship

The Mentorship Program goals are to guide participants, and coach them as they undergo their career development training and certification credentialing.
It ensures that services delivered are evidence-based and trauma-informed with the aim of helping participants succeed in the community.

Intended Outcomes: Participants will be in a position to undergo 5 Mentorship sessions working closely with a professional in the Human Services field, engage in the industry recognized training in Motivational Interviewing (MI) through a MINT provider, be exposed to evidence-based human services models, undergo pre-post testing ahead of a required 10-modules self-paced online human services career training masterclass, and a post masterclass debrief for certification graduation.

Participants will earn a recognized professional certification credential as a Certified Evidence Based Associate (CEBA) to begin a career in the burgeoning field of human services.

Program Cycle - The length of the mentoring relationship is a minimum of 5 individual and group sessions spread out over 90-180 days.

Duration: 2 years
Price: $780.00