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* Prior to the training we conduct a pre-event interview to adapt program to your specific needs. It is taught by dynamic instructors who we insure tailor the sessions to your team’s specific needs.

Effective case management is a collaborative process of assessing, planning, facilitating, and advocating for options and services planned to meet clients' individual needs efficiently.  This program examines the way in which case-management has been a natural part of probation, parole and other services supervising clients at various stages of transitioning back into community.

It takes a look at the way in which offender clients requirements, community corrections, and jail diversion programs have created the need to increase the focus on case-management to the level of formal practice within probation and parole.  This program will aid in closing the gap.

During this presentation participants will learn effective case management practices and how they apply.  The program will help participants differentiate traditional ineffective deficit-centered practices vs. evidence-based and strength-centered practices we are moving toward.  Using relevant examples, participants will learn how they can help their clients achieve desirable outcomes through promoting quality and effective interventions which link individuals to appropriate resources.


In this program, the use of various evidence-based practices and strength–centered approaches as applied in case management supports and services to improve outcomes in probation and parole will be covered.

Practices reviewed have been proven to lower obsconder rates, improve commitment levels to programs and reduce reoffending. In addition it has reduced employee stress and fatigue associated with caseloads and results. Participants will learn evidence-based and strength-centered approaches that yield results far and above the norm. Participants will learn;

  • Learn current trends in case management

  • Be in a position to help clients set goals and facilitate their achievement

  • Effective client interviewing skills for building healthy collaborative client relationships

  • The Importance of Empathy in the therapeutic relationship

  • Strength-centered vs. Deficit-based approaches

  • Motivational Interviewing Strategies to Increase Intrinsic Motivation

  • To use warm transfers to insure an integrated client services delivery

  • To write better goals, objectives and interventions to increase accountability and improve client outcomes

  • Transtheoretical Model for Change - How People Change & Stage-matched Interventions

  • Learn to determine clients’ level of readiness and work efficiently toward desired goals

  • Gain knowledge of key components of successful case management

  • Case Management Process, interventions and discharge cues

Participants will receive editable resources they can adapt for their internal use.

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